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Hi, I’m Christina.  I teach/support people in becoming comfortable in their bodies and their lives.  My programs and coaching are for folks who are ready to release tension, pain & stress and cultivate daily rhythms that create ease and vitality.


I offer COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute strategy sessions if you’d like to learn more.  Email me to apply:  Christina@christinacunningham.net

Receive your copy of 10 Ways to have a Love Affair with Yourself.

how would your life be different if you had a natural flow of sustainable energy, a tranquil and focused mind and made decisions from your heart’s deepest desires? 

the-thrive-programWhat’s it ALL about?

great question.  I have spent the last 15 years developing the Thrive Program to be the training ground for you to truly understand and utilize the energetic potential of your body and your life.  It is an 8-week program that allows you to transform the survival skills that have kept you small, recharge your natural energy reserves and creativity engage in your life at a sustainably high level.

You can transform the feelings of fatigue, brain fog and apathy.  When you take the first step to invest in yourself, you have already begun the transformation.


I have been receiving your massages for many years now and I give your name, website and phone number to everyone who asks. Why? You’re the best!!
Vickie P.
Every time I see Christina I feel 100% better and pain free.
Chuck S.


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