Are you ready to be relaxed and feel like your authentic & vibrant self?

I’m Christina and I created the Vermont Vitality Studio to help you transform the effects of stress, physical pain and negativity.

I offer massage therapy, wellness coaching and Bioenergetic-Shen Treatments® as well as super-practical tips and support to assist you on your wellness journey.

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I know what it’s like to struggle with the effects of stress, fatigue and negative self-talk. That was my reality 15 years ago — before I began my own wellness journey.  Then one day, I came to the realization that my life was meant for so much more, so I got serious about finding solutions. 

I came to understand that we all possess a deep well of inner vitality — and when we learn to tap into it, our energy increases, our symptoms diminish and we feel healthy and alive !  


I’d love to show you how.  I opened the Vermont Vitality Studio to be the place to go when you feel overwhelmed by stress, tension and negativity.   Through private sessions of massage therapy, wellness coaching and Bioenergetic-Shen Treatments®, as well as group classes and workshops, I help you tap into your own inner vitality so that you can feel healthy and joyful!  

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I have been receiving your massages for many years now and I give your name, website and phone number to everyone who asks. Why? You’re the best!!
Vickie P.
Every time I see Christina I feel 100% better and pain free.
Chuck S.


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