The goal of Bioenergetic-Shen Treatment is to assist individuals to achieve an integration of mind and body by utilizing a hands-on healing modality created by Dr. Pino Ferroni, Ph.D., of Parma, Italy. Dr. Ferroni developed this unique technique using a fusion of both Eastern and Western energetic philosophies of the body combined with therapeutic benefits of touch. He developed the series of Bioenergetic-Shen treatments as a means for “lightening the load” of a person’s life experiences so that he or she may experience a more joyous and present life condition.

Dr. Pino Ferroni and The Ego-Center

Bioenergetic-Shen is a trademarked training and technique, created by Dr. Pino Ferroni, founder and director of Ego-Center, Parma, Italy.

Born in the Liguria region of central Italy in 1939, Dr. Pino Ferroni’s initial education in management and marketing, in addition to his business experience with a major Italian company, led him to specialize in leadership techniques. He became fascinated with human dynamics, and proceeded to research body psychology, studying Bioenergetic theories with a variety of both Western and Eastern teachers and obtaining the prestigious degree of Master of Postural Integration. He would later also earn his Ph.D. in Psychology.

In the Fall of 1979 he was called to Parma, Italy, putting into practice his own creation of psycho-somatic technique called “Sensitivity Training™”, tested and perfected over a period of three years with a group of friends and acquaintances. In 1983 Dr. Ferroni founded the Association Ego-Center: Center for Development and Realization of Human Potential, of which he became and is currently President. A short time later, the Association changed its stated focus to Center for Personal and Professional Growth in Humanistic Naturopathy and Shen Training™, with a program called “The Isle of Being”. During this time, Dr. Ferroni also wrote and published the books “The Body Rediscovered” and “Chinese Energetics”.

Wassim & Elisabeth Nehme and Green Mountain Shen & Bioenergetics

Wassim Nehme is the founder and director of Green Mountain Shen & Bioenergetics. Born in Bcharri, Lebanon, Wassim moved to Parma, Italy as a teenager and after five years of studying western medicine, began his treatment and studies with Dr. Ferroni. Wassim completed 12 years of study, achieving his Master’s in Shen Sensitivity Training & Bioenergetics in 2004, as well as several certifications in Acupressure, Holistic Shiatsu, Reflexology and Reiki. He is a life-member of and teacher for Ego-Center of Parma and a member of the ABMP here in the US. After moving to Vermont in 2005, he founded Green Mountain Shen & Bioenergetics along with his wife Elisabeth, and maintains a full private practice while also teaching group classes. Wassim is also an Aikido master (5th Dan) and founder of Myoho Aikido Vermont.

Elisabeth Nehme is the co-founder and vice-director of Green Mountain Shen & Bioenergetics. Born in California, she has been a massage therapist since 1986, specializing in Esalen technique and has been teaching since 1997. She is a Master of Shen Sensitivity Training & Bioenergetics. She is also certified in several modalities such as Tui-Na and Reiki. She is member of and teacher for Ego-Center of Parma, Italy and is a board-certified therapist with NCBTMB here in the US. Elisabeth is also the Brand Ambassador and Master Educator for [comfort zone] of Parma, Italy. Elisabeth co-teaches all classes and workshops along with Wassim.

In 2014, Green Mountain Shen & Bioenergetics became an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). Several modalities and educational courses are available, including a bespoke massage modality called Bio-essere. Together Wassim and Elisabeth also lead communication and self-awareness trainings for national and international corporate clients. They continue to teach at Ego-Center, and to study with Dr. Ferroni and his team, annually. Since 2015, an annual exchange takes place, with American students joining them in Parma, to deepen their knowledge and self-awareness with their Italian counterparts.

 The Foundation of Bioenergetic-Shen Touch

Throughout 40 years of scientific research and experimentation, Dr. Ferroni created this exclusive treatment series by fusing critical aspects of three individual healing modalities into one experience. The Bioenergetic-Shen treatment encompasses the principles of the following:

  • Western Bioenergetic Therapy
  • Eastern Chinese Energetics
  • The Significance of Human Touch

Bioenergetic Therapy

Bioenergetics, developed by Dr. Alexander Lowen, is a revolutionary therapy that uses the language of the body to heal the problems of the mind. This treatment links physical pain, muscle tension, and postural disorders with states of mind, demonstrating that suppressed emotions, unhappiness, and anger can block energy flow and cause physical distress. A person is the sum total of his life experience, each of which is registered in his personality and structured in his body. Emotions are bodily events; literally movements or motion within the body that generally result in some outward action.

Dr. Ferroni studied with Dr. Lowen and went on to incorporate the principles of this theory within the Bioenergetic-Shen experience.

Eastern Chinese Energetics

Dr. Ferroni is a Daoist Master and Chinese Energetics informs a great deal of the philosophical foundation of Bioenergetic-Shen treatments.

Five-thousand years ago, the Chinese began to study the cycles of nature and how human life and its own internal cycle are congruent with the natural flow of the seasons and elements of the earth. Shen is a Chinese term with several meanings; the one we focus on is the all-embracing love that expresses itself from our heart and shines through our eyes. The author Donna Gates states, “It presides over the emotions and communicates itself outwardly as an all-encompassing compassion, acceptance, and tolerance towards others. Shen energy is our guiding spirit, a wonderful manifestation of our higher virtue as humans. When our Shen is off, we are dispirited, brought down by life’s stresses, toxins and traumas. But when we are full of Shen, we dare to live to the fullest.”

The Significance of Human Touch

Dr. Ashley Montagu’s research confirms that human touch, our primal connection to the mother at birth, is necessary for survival. He devotes special attention to the relation of the skin and touch to mental and physical health.

Bioenergetic-Shen Touch is composed of three series of sequences:

Series 1

Treatments 1 through 6 work on the deep musculature (the muscular blocks of the character armor) and bring equilibrium to the neuro-vegetative system. Treatments 7 through 9 begin to work on the emotional field.

Series 2

Treatments 10 through 18 work on the peripheral nervous system. This system regulates muscle tone and substance, and is connected to movements within conscious control. These treatments help the client to regain control with the body and with his or her environment, and to deepen emotional understanding and experiences.

Series 3

Treatments 19 through 27 are called “Tai,” meaning supreme or “Bellezza,” as they activate the sensorial cells of the skin, and promote the awareness of a pure sense of pleasure and joy. These treatments unify our sense of the physical body aspects, and the perception or emotional feeling that we have about the body. At this level, the armor is flexible and elastic, allowing us to realize our true value, our true self.

Ultimately, this unification completely frees our vital energy and permits us to fully take pleasure in every moment, here and now.

“Cultivate your interior
smile and you will arrive
at the joy of life.”

—Dr. Pino Ferroni