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You’re in the right place if:  

  • You find yourself in chronic pain and have a hard time relaxing.

  • You know all the “right” things to do to feel good, but can’t seem to maintain these habits for any longer than a week.

  • Your negativity has gotten the better of you and you don’t know where to begin to create a tranquil mind.



The mission of the Vermont Vitality Studio is to help you learn to deeply relax, nourish yourselves and your life and transform your negativity into joy and fulfillment so that you may fully express your own beauty to the world.  I envision a world where people live from the wisdom of their body and heart and decisions are based on what creates harmony in both your self and your life.   It’s a world where learning to love yourself, to take care of others and creates lives in alignment with the rhythms of nature allows your individual life to contribute to harmony on this beautiful planet.

I created the Vermont Vitality Studio to be a home-base for education, private sessions and group programs to support the process of deep relaxation, nourishment and joy.   

I look at everyone as a human being, equal to all, and not defined by past, weaknesses, strengths, status or struggles.  I’ve been in the wellness industry for 20+ years and  I have worked with thousands of clients who live with chronic pain and unrelenting tension, who struggle with disordered eating and food cravings and with people of all ages who have found themselves struggling with fear, anger and sadness.

I invite you to read through this website, join my mailing list, book a session or simply leave me a comment.  I will continue to add content and to offer programs that are designed to support you re-vitalizing your mind, body and spirit.  My Offerings, the Studio itself and my blog are all here to assist you in learning how to cultivate a life you love.


How i transformed my own suffering:


I know the feeling of wanting to live a life that is full of joy and meaning but instead wake up every day to a reality that is painful and lonely.  In 2000, I graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Professional and Creative Writing, but absolutely no passion for any job prospects in that field. I was also at a low point in my life and suffered with a great deal of sadness, fatigue and digestive issues. I knew that my one precious life was meant for so much more than I was experiencing, but I did not know how to accomplish this goal.  The one thing I was clear about was that my answers were not going to come from a pursuit dedicated solely to my intellectual mind.  I had already filled my head and bookshelf with so much information, but yet I continued to suffer.

At this point I began to perceive a small urging of my body’s mind that was persistently informing me that my answers could be found another way.  It told me that if I pursued a life based on the wisdom of the body, that I could achieve all that I was after.  I am grateful everyday that I began to listen.

And so I began and innocently step out on my own journey of self-discovery,  I now know is a life-long pursuit.

Within three months of graduating from college, I went to one of the best massage schools in the country, the Utah College of Massage Therapy and got my certification in Therapeutic Massage. Massage school was a revelation and I loved every minute of learning about the amazing capabilities of the human body, how I could help people feel comfortable and ease their pain and I loved how I felt after a great session of bodywork.  Shortly after that, I moved to Vermont to begin my life as a massage therapist, but after only a short time, I was again called to return to the path of self-discovery as  my old suffering returned. This time,  I tried everything…..homeopathics, herbs/ supplements, hypnosis and I even began eating meat after being a vegetarian for 15 years.   And while everything offered some level of relief nothing provided me with the change I knew was possible.  But thankfully that inner voice ….. kept urging me forward.

….and one fateful day, my life changed forever.


I met my lifelong teacher, Wassim Nehme and he introduced me to the bodywork modality called Bioenergetic-Shen Touch®, created by Dr. Pino Ferroni, PhD of Parma, Italy. I began receiving private sessions and taking group dynamics classes.  For the first time in my life, I knew  I had found what I had been searching for.  And so, I began in earnest to learn about the wisdom of the body, how it pertains to our emotional expression and how to pursue a life dedicated to expressing one’s own inner beauty and live life from the heart.

FullSizeRender (3)

Over the past 12 years, I have uncovered and learned to transform those part ofmy story that had turned into my defense mechanics.  I have learned how to become an independant adult, how to express my emotions in clear and healthy ways, how to derive sarisafaction from a life dedicated to my passion and how to have successful relationships.  Each of these things have been like pieces of pottery that needed to be unearthed in order to create beautiful mosaic that is my life today.

I now run my own business, am raising an amazing step-daughter, have deep friendships and annually travel to Italy to study Bioenergetic-Shen Treatments®. I love the life I am creating and I am excited about my future. IMG_2536

In 2010, I began to offer this technique to my clients.  I am humbled and have a deep respect for all that is possible once a person uncovers the things that hold them back and transform the suffering into something beautiful.

In 2013, I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a certified wellness practitioner and from Summer Bock’s Fermentation Mastery program and also offer these services along side massage therapy and Bioenergetic-Shen Touch.

I love my work, I love my clients and I am forever in awe of the potential and beauty of human beings.  I hope you consider working with me so that I may assist you.  Thank you for being here!


  • 2004-present studying with Wassim Nehme of Green Mountain Shen & Bioenergetics and Dr. Pino Ferroni of Parma, Italy of the Ego-Center: achieved Master in Shen Sensitivity training & Bioenergetics 2015
  • 2013 Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a certification in Holistic Health Coaching
  • 2013 Graduated from Summer Bock’s Fermentation Mastery course with a certification as Gut Rebuilding specialist & Fermentationist
  • 2000 Graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Creative and Professional Writing with minors in Women’s Studies and Sociology

Other continuing education classes and certifications awarded:

  • Orthopedic Massage and Pain Management
  • Integrated Massage and Personal Training
  • Medical Massage
  • Holistic Shiatsu
  • Anatomy Trains

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