Bodywork / Cultivation


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


Often times, we are not able to create a life that inspires us because of our patterns of behavior keep us running around in the same old grooves. Things like negative self-talk, dependency on substances that numb us, surrounding ourselves with people who don’t support us, not being able to let go of anger, fear, jealousy or sadness can all leave us feeling like nothing will ever change. No matter how much organic green juice or grass-fed butter we consume, we still feel the same way – Stuck in a Rut. These feelings have usually been around for a long time and we often define ourselves by these things. I like to think of them as old out-dated software that is playing in the background. These old programs likely came from before we can remember or perhaps from a very specific moment that you have direct and acute memories of. Either way, these are the kinds of patterns that Bioenergetic-Shen therapy was designed to help you reconcile so that you have direct access to that which truly is the core of you – joy, spontaneity and pleasure.

Bioenergetic-Shen Therapy is a hands-on treatment modality that assist in supporting you to integrate your life experiences so that you can better express your unique mission. It has been found helpful when you are struggling with emotional distress, past trauma and/or need support through a tough transition in your life.

Bioenergetic-Shen Therapy: 50 or 80 minutes.
This experiential treatment begins with discussion, and includes approximately 35 minutes of bodywork and ends with a reflection period. Ongoing sessions provide the opportunity to understand and resolve a good amount of your everyday pain and suffering, both physical and emotional. Step by step, this modality will guide you to fully engage in life and establish a happy, healthy state of being.